The Mum Closet Podcast

Self-Care is not Selfish

April 06, 2022 Naomi Osemedua Season 1 Episode 4
The Mum Closet Podcast
Self-Care is not Selfish
Show Notes

Do you feel guilt any time you want to take care of YOU?  Perhaps you have been told for too long that trying to take care of you or putting YOU first is SELFISH?
If that’s a yes, I brought some hope your way today.

 This episode is extra special as I debunk the myth of how taking out time to care properly for yourself as a Mum might be interpreted as you being Selfish.

I share why I believe “Self-Care is not Selfish" as I know you can’t serve from an empty cup.

Go ahead and press play, together let’s experience the FREEDOM of taking care of You so you can show up and serve in your fullest capacity.

I even share some tips and I definitely want to know how you practice self-care too and be on the lookout for the ‘ice-cream’ story. It will have you giggling all through.

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Remember Mum, this is the place where you Experience Freedom.